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A Psych Minute

An academic contribution to I/O Psychology


Job Security: COVID-19 Aftermath

Who will still have a job after this? Not sure. Will the pandemic press CEO's and Human Resource Departments to find a solution to...

Crisis Management: Did HR have a plan?

Probably not. The lack of crisis management teams and personnel is common in many organizations. Whether it be a company that hires out...

Career Choices: The Serial Quitter

It is a difficult decision to leave an organization or resign from a position. There are many factors that estrange us from those...

Toxic Leaders: To Fire or Not To Fire?

That is the question. Toxic leaders come in several different forms. From the leaders who secretly sabotage their employee's work or...

Job Satisfaction: The Angry Co-worker.

Have you ever worked with someone who was always angry and it seemed they were mad at the world? It's as if everyone has done something...

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